According to Heraclitus and quoted by Plato, “Everything flows and nothing abides.” In other words, our world is ever in a state of change.
often, monumental changes are witnessed in concert. At the turn of this new millennium, modern resources and non-traditional media ushers in dynamic contemporary art practices. Synchronously, the world's changes are documented in real time. Artist's works, reflecting these narratives of change, inspire dialogue and critical empathy.

This exhibition is meant to give Millworks artists a platform to share some of our views and personal stories with Columbus; we too are aware of, feel, and witness change and social transformations. Many of us stand as conduits, products, and/or observers. Nevertheless, we all possess unique understandings as constructs unravel and the new paradigms emerge. 

Shot Tower Gallery, Fort Hayes School

Sept 1 - Oct 21st