Come, walk with me among ancient mountains, where the wind speaks in strange tongues and ravens soar high above. Explore the memories of forgotten places, the call of a spiritual home, where ancient folk scrabbled up from the rock. A high place, swathed in mist, where pilgrims and saints bathed ragged feet in healing springs. 

Hiraeth - a link with the long forgotten past, the language of the soul, the call from ones inner self. Half forgotten, barely remembered, it speaks from the rocks and earth, of the trees and waves. It remains, a subtle thrum across memory, generations, the lives we live. 

James Kurella brings a solo exhibit of recent works exploring the concept of Hiraeth – the memory of places that may have never existed. Sometimes compared to homesickness, hiraeth is often tinged with grief or sadness over the lost or departed. Working with oils, James uses abstraction to explore these forgotten places, emotional landscapes, and the souls that inhabit them. 

The exhibit can be seen through February 2016 at the Stone Village Art Gallery, 139 E 2nd ave, in Columbus, Ohio.