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James Kurella is a man out to change the world through art. A man who wants to take beauty and present it to the world the way he sees it, and, if his wife is to be believed, he is very good at it. From his childhood painting pewter miniatures for Dungeons & Dragons games, to his Kenyon College Studio Art Major, he has never stopped trying to improve his technique. He has been painting with oils for over 20 years, and in 2014, James challenged himself to complete one painting a week. He finished over 40 paintings, which only whet his appetite for more. In 2015, he took classes in landscape and human figure painting, while improving his skill with the palette knife. 

James opened his first solo show, “New Work” at Powell Fitness in Powell, Ohio, in October, 2015. It comprised four months of his abstract and traditional landscape paintings. And in February 2016, he opened his second solo show at Stone Village Church in Columbus, Ohio’s Short North Arts’ District. Entitled “hiraeth,” it collected together a themed group of abstract paintings depicting loss and memory of places that may have never been. 

With his continued lust to bring art into the world, James works often at his studio space in Delaware, Ohio, exploring new techniques and ideas with his wealth of artistic knowledge. During the other hours of the day he is an eLearning specialist for a national regulatory firm, a loving husband, and a caring dog-parent to an aging, but energetic, Chow-mix. He is also an excellent chef, and doesn’t want to hear any theories on how a new favorite TV show is going to end.

Bio by Jordan Kurella, lovely wife of James, and an amazing writer

Weapon of choice

Weapon of choice


  • Been painting since 1990 in a somewhat professional manner.
  • Sought to improve his artistic talent with every passing year.
  • Learned to cook.
  • Raised more than 50 houseplants.
  • Discovered the perfect tickle spot for his dog Shar.
  • Exploded.
  • Pissed off more people than you'd like to know. 
  • Continued to question both how and why, like a three year old.
  • Never learned how to lie.
  • Discovered entire new worlds of smell.
  • Learned a myriad of curses forbidden in polite company.
  • Fought the law, but the law won.